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Sperm and Humpback Expedition

Join me for my birthday trip of a lifetime, Im so excited to launch this trip. After experiencing this trip myself I wanted to share this incredible place with a small private group of ocean lovers like myself. Lets experience the worlds largest predator on the Island of Mauritius, one of the best places in the world to spend time with these amazing beings. By having a small group on a private boat, we are more likely to have better socializing and stay patient as we wait for the most respectful way to see the animals, with experienced local captains. Of course your trip will be documented by me, myself and I!


October 11-18, 2024

Are you ready? 

Sperm and Humpback Whales together in this unique location 

Why this expedition?

Mauritius is a unique because this is one of the only places in the world where you can see the Sperm whales Humpbacks together in the same location. 

We will spend 5 days on the water looking for whales, and one day hiking to see the waterfalls on the island to be able to see the beauty of Mauritius above and below the surface.


The Sperm whales of Mauritius 

The sperm whales of Mauritius can be seen off the coast of Mauritius all year, there are around 24 resident whales that live here, making up two different pods. However there are other Sperm whales that frequent the area as well. While seeing the whales there are different behaviors that are possible to see. If we are lucky and patient the most rewarding behavior consists of what they call socializing, which happens when the whales are resting as a pod. During this time the whales will go vertical, bumping heads, and other behaviors showing affecting after long hunts.

What is most important to me on this expedition is that the whales, are shown respect and given their space in which we will hopefully be rewarded with socializing behaviors. However, this is the ocean and whales, or behaviors of any kind can be guaranteed. 


What to Expect

Day 1


First day is arrival day! You will fly into Sir Seewoosagur Ramgoolam International Airport. From there you will taxi to the accommodation which is about an hour ride from the airport. Once everyone arrives we will get everyone situated in your room, and have a night to get to know everyone!  

Day 7


Our hiking day will include local guides that will take us to see waterfalls on the island for an epic adventure on land. 

Day 2-6

Whale days

We will have five days on the water looking for whales! Depending on movements some days will be easier to find the whales than others. Everyday we will leave the hotel beach at 11am and we will have approx. 5 hours on the boat! Lunch is included all boat days

Day 8

Our last day together :(

Always the saddest day of the trip. 

But its never goodbye its always see you later, in the ocean somewhere!

Days are subject to change and rearranged according to weather *



Whats Included

  • 5 days on the boat 

  • 1 day of waterfall hike

  • Bed and breakfast accommodation(shared rooms two people per room)

  • Breakfast

  • lunch on the boat 

  • Presentation about the whales

  • Photographs and Videos of the dives

  • All the good vibessss

Whats Not Included

  • International Flights

  • Dinner

  • Equipment

  • Wetsuit or Rashgaurd

  • Travel and Dive Insurance


  • Fees on wire transfer

Price $2700
50% nonrefundable deposit required to secure your spot


What To Bring

  • Passport

  • Dive gear (Mask, Snorkel, Weight belt, Wetsuit, Fins)

  • Hiking shoes/attire

  • Sun protection (rashgaurd, sunglasses, hat, buff)

  • Reef-safe sunscreen 

  • Chapstick

  • Camera if you want it

  • Cash/Tips for crew

  • Towels for boat

  • Good vibes and great energy!



This is an ocean expedition so please note that while I do everything I can to ensure your safety, nothing is guaranteed when diving with wild animals. Safety is always my top priority, and we will only dive if weather permits and it's safe to do so. If for any reason you are unable to dive due to sea conditions, we will offer alternative activities to compensate. Thank you for understanding the risks involved.


Thank you for contacting us!

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