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Collaborating with my sister has really brought us together. Her creativity and love for crafts and the outdoors and my love for the ocean have come together to create something special. Two different worlds colliding into these jars of amazing sustainable ocean scents handpicked by us!

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Sharkbeet x Heartbeet

A sister collab

My sister, Jessica and I have followed our passions by leaving everything letting our hearts lead the way, when she moved to Oregon with a dream of creating all natural  earth friendly products, through her farm and frolicking through her backyard PNW forest. Ive always been envious of her creative side that I never got, but instead I received a lifelong passion for the ocean and traveling. Although we live different lives, we are coming together for this fun sister collab! Sharkbeet was created from her collection and company called Heartbeet Homestead!

Why These Candles?

Introducing our latest collection of scented candles, hand-selected by us and infused with a unique sharky twist. Each candle features a real shark tooth mold from a tiger shark in Maldives, making it a truly one-of-a-kind piece. Made from eco-friendly and sustainable coco-beeswax, our candles not only smell great but also purify the air in your space. Experience the perfect blend of ocean scents inspired by my travels and favorite diving locations!

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